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  1. The picture used for grizzled is not what grizzled looks like. I believe it’s actually rising sun in the picture.

  2. Uhhh… WHAT?! No Spirit Island?!?! I own many of these games… While some of them are definitely great ( and some are collecting dust like forbidden island), Spirit Island is in a class of its own. Also sad there wasn’t a mention of the Legacy versions of Pandemic. Those are also FANTASTIC.

    Thank you though for including a couple kids/family recommendations though. It’s nice to get ideas for how to include the kids.

    1. @Kat, totally agree!
      I love Unfathomable, but a hidden-traitor(s) game is not cooperative, Hanabi hasn’t aged that well and… a coop-list that has games like those but omits Spirit Island … Honestly, can’t take this seriously.

  3. Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle by the Ops is one of the best co-op deck building games out there. Not hard to learn fun to play over and over and both adults and children love it.

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